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Is 2012 a turning point as the 2008-11 Sustainable Holidays action plan comes to an end?
Thierry Hellin: This first three-year plan mobilised the entire company. However, the regulatory backdrop is now catching up with us and our customers also have high demands. In working on improving our non-financial communication, we noted that a lot of our actions were not valued well enough. As such, we intend to improve the transparency of our commitments and go even further, by generalising our approach and setting new challenges.

How have you gone about achieving this?
T. H. : In order to define together a new long-term vision, we have chosen a participative approach via a workshop associating the stakeholders: clients, owners, suppliers local authorities, international bodies, NGOs and of course our internal management teams. This work is to be unveiled in Q1 2012 and has helped establish our vision, detail our missions and define the main actions to be taken on and implemented in all our departments.

What is this vision based on?
T. H.: We are not a tour operator like other tour operators. Our original business model is an opportunity and a responsibility for the short and long-term. In order to draw up a lasting sustainable development strategy that creates value for everyone (the company, but also all of our stakeholders), we have three major assets. Firstly, in our role as operator, we are very in tune with client expectations when new sites are designed. Secondly, our position in local tourism is very coherent with current challenges in sustainable development. Thirdly, every year we have the privilege of welcoming more than seven million holidaymakers, who outside their restrictive daily routines, are ready to experiment with new sustainable lifestyle choices.

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